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Use on SGW equipped cars to bypass the SGW diagnostic block 
This adapter is required if you encounter error "10 Void No data from ECU" during OBD write operations


sgw back sgw front
Included only in Bench / Boot spare Cables Kit
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 Car  From  Position on the left-hand drive cars
 Fiat 500L MCA (those with insstruent cluster like 500X)      06/17 Behind the body computer
 Fiat 500X 12/17 Behind the body computer, above the clutch pedal
 Fiat Doblò 10/17 Above the steering column
 Alfa Giulia 01/03/18   Above the pedals, to the right of the steering column
Alfa Stelvio  03/18 Above the steering column (you can get there by removing the glove box on the left of the dashboard)   
Jeep Renegade  12/17 Behind the body computer, above the clutch pedal
Jeep Compass half 2018   Above the clutch pedal, behind the body computer
Maserati Ghibli 2018 Behind the lower dashboard trim on the driver's side, near the steering column gimbal



The adapter must be connected in place of the SGW unit.
Once connected, it is possible to turn the key to gear and connect any diagnostic tool to the EOBD socket

On 500L for some control units (for example the instrument panel) it is necessary to enter as 500X

On Renegade and 500X with manual gearbox to connect the adapter it is advisable to put your head under the pedal, put your 
right hand behind the clutch pedal and climb up to hook the two cables of the SGW and with a long screwdriver in your left hand
release the clips of the two connectors and let the cables go down in the area in front of the clutch pedal.