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CMDFlash Slave



-Simos 19 VAG/PORSCHE OBD protocol available since Autumn 2022!
-CNV FIX available for almost all VAG ECUs OBD/BOOT/BENCH
-MED17 EDC17 ECUs 2021-> protected with anti-tuning system.
-LR/JAG DTC 064F-167F automatic delete
-BOOT/Bench/BDM Interface: MPC5xx,ST10,C167,RENESAS,TRICORE,AURIX,MPC5xxx,SPC5,...  
-Enbedded LIVE CHAT and remote debugging for fast problem-solving
-VAG FRF/ODX/SGO flasher
-LR/JAG/FORD VBF flasher
-Diagnostic Tool,Road ENGINE BENCH,Road Acceleration test
-Read and write crypted files only
-All accessories included for OBD, boot and bench
-High current Power supply suitable for BOOT - Bench and BDM
-One year free subscription ( value 1100CHF)
( tool is tied to one master only )
3990.00 CHF + 150.00 CHF for shipping

The payment will be done on-line
by Credit Card or Paypal account