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OBD Carlist



  • 1.4L 16V TURBO 103KW 140HP DELCO E78 CAN


  • 2.0L TURBO 186KW 253HP DELCO E80 CAN


  • 1.6L 16V 89KW 121HP DELCO E83 CAN
  • 1.6L 16V TURBO 135KW 184HP DELCO E83 CAN


  • 2.4L 16V 120KW 163HP DELCO E83 CAN


  • 2.4 16V 125KW 170HP DELCO E37 CAN
  • 3.0 V6 188KW 256HP DELCO E39-E39A CAN


  • 1.6L 16V TURBO 131KW 178HP DELCO E83 CAN
  • 2.0 16V 108KW 147HP DELCO E37 CAN
  • 2.0 16V TURBO 162KW 220HP DELCO E39-E39A CAN
  • 2.0 16V TURBO 200KW 272HP DELCO E39-E39A CAN
  • 2.0L 16V DOHC 108KW 147HP DELCO E83 CAN
  • 2.4 16V 136KW 185HP DELCO E37 CAN


  • 1.5T 119KW 162HP DELCO E80 CAN